Brief introduction of power supply industry

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Foothold: scientific research and development, production and market promotion of power supply enterprise product technology, as well as the application and technical management of power supply products by related industry enterprises, to provide enterprises with scientific research and production, product technology application, market development, industry trends, domestic and foreign business information, Information on laws, regulations, policies, industry standards, etc. [1]

    Power Industry

    A wide range of readers: not only the industry's top management and department heads, engineers, professionals engaged in research, design and promotion, but also marketing professionals, as well as product procurement professionals for users in related industries, and engineering and technical personnel for equipment technical management and maintenance. [1]

    Professional papers: comprehensive and topical expositions on industry market development, theoretical innovation research on power supply technology, product development, production and application, etc. [1]

    Industry information: To provide the industry with new industry technology information, launch new technologies, new product comprehensive information, market conditions, industry trends, and product advertising. It is an ideal choice for companies to promote products, establish images, increase visibility, and exchange industry information. [1]

    Communicate with the market: closely follow up on the new development of power supply research, production, and market applications, and provide reliable power technology for power electronics, post and telecommunications, railway transportation, aerospace, finance, computers, related components, new materials and other departments Product information, and provide a multi-faceted reference for technical personnel in the industry to design, select, and develop new products[1]