Han Laser ranks 9th on the list of listed manufacturing companies in 2021

Release date:2021-10-09     Article Source:Laser Manufacturing Network    

01Research background

At present, intelligent manufacturing has become the main starting point for my country to realize the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry, the core path to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and the main direction of accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power. Following this, a number of domestic manufacturers that provide intelligent manufacturing products, solutions and services have gradually developed and successfully went public, becoming an important force in advancing intelligent manufacturing. The market performance and trends of these listed companies in the field of smart manufacturing have also become a "barometer" and "weathervane" for observing the development of the smart manufacturing industry.

Therefore, in order to study the overall development of China’s smart manufacturing industry, e-works Research selected 100 representative listed companies in the field of smart manufacturing in China, aiming to form a " "China Smart Manufacturing 100 Index" and "China's Top 100 Smart Manufacturing Listed Companies" explore the development status and trends of the smart manufacturing industry. The index and the list will be released once a year in the future, and will be compared and analyzed with the index and list of previous years.

02 Sample Analysis of Top 100 Listed Companies in China's Smart Manufacturing

The selection principles for 100 listed companies in the field of smart manufacturing products and solutions in China are as follows:

A representative listed company in the field of smart manufacturing in China;

The company's core business covers at least one of the ten categories defined in this report (see Figure 1);

Did not select companies that have obvious operating problems, such as continuous losses or have been ST, etc.;

Considering the limited number of samples, pure machine tool manufacturers, forklift manufacturers and electrical product manufacturers were not selected.

For the convenience of analysis, this report divides the selected 100 Chinese smart manufacturing listed companies into ten categories as shown in Figure 1:

Classification of suppliers in the field of smart manufacturing

(Ranked by market capitalization as of May 31, 2021)

2021 China's Top 100 Smart Manufacturing Listed Companies

03 main conclusion

Analysis conclusions of general intelligent equipment and integrated solution service providers

The core business is to provide a total of 16 listed companies that provide general intelligent equipment and integrated solutions, 8 of which have a market value of 4 billion to 10 billion yuan, accounting for 50%; 6 of which have a market value of more than 10 billion yuan , Accounting for 37.5%, of which Han’s Laser (40.015 billion yuan) has the highest market value, Bochu Electronics (35.706 billion yuan) is ranked second, Estun (27.866 billion yuan) is third, and Huagong is fourth. Technology (21.236 billion yuan).

Laser technology has become a representative of advanced manufacturing technology and an important means of upgrading and transforming traditional manufacturing industries, and there is a strong demand for laser processing equipment. As a leader in the domestic laser industry, Han's Laser has a leading position in terms of revenue and profitability in the laser industry and even the entire field of general intelligent manufacturing equipment, with obvious advantages. Han's Laser will continue to improve self-developed and self-produced core components, increase the company's net profit margin, and form a synergistic ecosystem between the upper and lower parts of the laser industry chain to help the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing.