Precautions for communication power supply

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The power supply system currently widely uses high-frequency switching power supply system equipment, which is highly intelligent, and the battery uses a maintenance-free storage battery. Although this brings a lot of convenience to the user, it should also attract attention in many aspects during use to ensure the use Safety.

    [1] The high-frequency switching power supply system does not require high ambient temperature, and can work normally at minus 5 degrees to 40 degrees, but requires indoor cleanliness and low dust, otherwise dust and humidity will cause the main unit to work disorderly. Batteries have higher temperature requirements. The standard operating temperature is 25 degrees, and it should not exceed +15 degrees to +30 degrees. If the temperature is too low, the capacity of the battery will decrease, and its capacity will decrease by 1% every time the temperature drops by 1 degree. The discharge capacity will increase with the increase in temperature, but the lifetime will decrease. If it is used for a long time at high temperature, the battery life will be reduced by about half for every 10 degrees increase in temperature.

    [2] The parameters set in the high-frequency switching power supply system cannot be changed arbitrarily during use.

    [3] According to the use requirements of the power system and the size of the power margin, it is necessary to avoid arbitrarily adding high-power additional equipment during use, and long-term operation under full load is not allowed. The nature of the work determines that the power system runs almost in an uninterrupted state. Increasing a high-power load or working under a basically full load will cause the rectifier module to malfunction, and in severe cases, it will damage the converter.

    [4] The output voltage, waveform, frequency and amplitude of the self-provided generator should meet the requirements of the power supply system for the input voltage. In addition, the power of the generator should be greater than the rated input power of the switching power supply equipment, otherwise it will cause the power system equipment to work Abnormal or damaged.

    [5] Due to the large output current of the combined battery pack, there is a danger of electric shock. Therefore, special attention should be paid to safety when loading and unloading, changing the conductive connecting strip and the output line. The tools should be insulated, especially the output contacts should have anti-touch measures. To ensure personal and equipment safety.

    [6] Whether it is in the floating charge working state or in the discharge inspection test state, it is necessary to ensure that the voltage and current meet the specified requirements. Excessive voltage or current may cause thermal runaway or water loss of the battery, and too small voltage or current will cause battery power loss, which will affect the service life of the battery, and the former has a greater impact.

    [7] In any case, the battery should be prevented from short-circuiting or deep discharge, because the cycle life of the battery is related to the depth of discharge. The deeper the depth of discharge, the shorter the cycle life. In the capacity test or discharge overhaul, usually the discharge reaches 30% to 50% of the capacity.

    [8] The battery should avoid high-current charging and discharging. Theoretically, large currents can be accepted when charging, but should be avoided in actual operation, otherwise it will cause the battery plate to swell and deform, cause the plate active material to fall off, and increase the internal resistance of the battery. In addition, if the temperature rises, the capacity will decrease in severe cases, and the life will be terminated prematurely.

    [9] The capacity of a lead-acid battery is linearly related to the specific gravity of the electrolyte. By measuring the specific gravity, the stored energy of the battery can be understood. The valve-regulated sealed battery is a lean battery and cannot measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Therefore, how to judge its quality and predict the storage capacity has become a major problem in the industry today. Measuring the internal resistance of a battery with a conductivity meter is a valuable method for judging the quality of a battery, but it is not yet possible to accurately determine the quality of the battery. At present, the reliable method is the discharge method.

    [10] In terms of reliability, economy, usability, maintainability and other aspects, a four-stroke oil engine should be selected as the prime mover generator set. The four-stroke oil engine has a simple structure and adopts a series of mature technologies such as multi-cylinder balanced work and pressure boosting, which is suitable for the requirements of large-capacity units. It has low noise, low pollution and high cost performance. Exhaust the heat generated by the unit to the outdoors during use to ensure that the ambient humidity around the unit does not exceed the index requirements.